Technical Features:

Revolutionary Design & Unmatched Functionality

The perfect Bike for Urban environments

We made the Cyclotron the most versatile and technically advanced bike available today. The perfect match for urban environments.


Getting your groceries, taking your kids to the playground or simply having fun riding it.


We believe a bicycle as a 'utility' that should enable you to reach your goals. The Cyclotron is fully connected, packed with tons of innovative features and controlled by the powerful Cyclo-App.

Fully Integrated - No Cables, No Wires, No External Components


The Cyclotron is the world's first fully integrated bike. Many other manufacturers claim their bicycles to be 'fully integrated', but they can't manage to integrate the drivetrain components like: Chain, gears and derailleurs into the frame. 

With the groundbreaking construction of the Cyclotron we managed to integrate literally everything. All wires and cables run inside the frame, which also results in tremendous enhanced aerodynamics, no more dirt exposure and a clean and uncluttered overall look.


The Gear Box - We unchained the Bicycle


One of the biggest flaws of regular bicycles, is the exposed and vulnerable power transmission, from the pedals to the rear wheel via a metal bike chain and gears. The oily chain and gears are mandatory "collecting" dust & dirt from the road, which reduces the efficiency of power transmission with every ride.


Internal Gear Box & Encapsulated Drive Train


- Super fast shifts in < 0.2 seconds

- Up & Downshifts under load & while standing still

- The 18 speed E-Gear electronic gear box model features 'full-auto shifting' mode

- The 12 & 18 speeds manual gear box models offer 'live assist' that suggests optimal gear selection

Integrated Smart Lights & Li-Ion Battery


All lights of the Cyclotron Bike are toggled by the automatic Light Sensor, that switches them on/off according to the current daylight situation. This tremendously enhances your visibility when riding in traffic, or on roads with no public street lighting.

One Bike - Two Riding Styles


The Cyclotron Bike features two different riding styles. SPORT - A very streamlined and low-profile one for optimal speed and performance. COMFORT - A more relaxed and upright one for cruising and better comfort.

This gives you the choice of two different bicycles to pick from at any time. Just two small adjustments change the entire seating geometry of your Cyclotron bike. Just flip the bars and lower the seating height! It's really that easy.

Tandem Mode


Team up with your friends & fellow riders, and connect your bikes to an "Articulated Tandem". Simply remove the front wheel from one Cyclotron bike, and connect it to the tandem adaptor of the second bike.